My name is Alexis Pereira. I live in NYC, where I dabble in writing and acting. My work is regularly featured on Funny or Die and I've even created some original work for Funny or Die's Youtube page.

I currently write and perform at a monthly show at UCB, and I was even once on a house improv team there!

In this tumblr, you will find what I hope are interesting essays about my life. I like to think of myself as a statesman, though I may not know what that means exactly.

If you want to see and hear more about me, please visit alexispereira.net


WE’RE Hiring!

More and more companies have adopted a new advertising campaign. You’ll see it in windows across New York City: “we’re hiring” signs.

A few years ago, when stores were hiring, it looked as if they were annoyed by the whole thing. They’d put up a sign with the exact position needed (cashier, stock-boy) and made sure nobody wasted their time (must have experience, part-time only). 

Now, companies put up bright manufactured posters. There’s no explanation about what position they’re looking for: it just says, happily, “Hey, We’re Looking for People Like You! YEAH YOU!”

Of course, this is an advertising campaign. When the recession started, some exec was like, “there’s a growing new market – unemployed people. How do we tap into that market?”

Another exec was like, “well, let’s tell them we’re hiring, and that’ll get them in the store. In fact, they’ll probably buy something because they want to show the manager how interested they are or how much they love our product.”

They then shook hands and released a memo.